An attempt to increase trust in the technology.

An attempt to increase trust in the technology.

We had the opportunity to showcase our technology and products at an expo hosted by the MES Kalladi College Food Technology Department.

We fried our Kallummakkaya Nirachathu and served it to everyone who came by. Everyone adores Kozhikode beach and its Kallummakkaya, so that we could see the joy and excitement in their eyes. We told them it was 2 months old Kallummakkaya Nirachathu that had been stored in normal room temperature after they had it.

For a short moment, they became motionless. In their eyes, we could see the change from excitement to anxiety. We explained the technology we used in our products at the time. We showed them the unopened packets and explained how the technology works and how we get a 12-month shelf life without refrigeration or the use of preservatives.
"Retort technology is a type of heat processing that is used to sterilise food at a higher temperature. Because the bacterias have been sterilised, they can be stored at normal room temperature and are safe until the pouch is opened."

Even though we described all of these things, some people were not ready to accept it, telling that some kind preservatives had been added into it.

We gave them a friendly smile. It's normal and understandable that not all technologies were accepted by everyone at first. Everyone will eventually.
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