It was a problem/crisis which led to founding Foo Foods.

It was a problem/crisis which led to founding Foo Foods.

During my college vacations, I sold snacks especially Kallummakkaya Nirachath taking orders through whatsapp from family-friends and also supplied at some bakeries in my hometown. At that time, I received few orders for sending to Dubai and other far places. Some relatives will be going from here and they gift them their favourite Kallummakkaya Nirachath which is hard to avail from there.

It was really hectic. We have to make it frozen and is not possible keep in normal room temperature more than 5 hours. It effected packing and everything.

So, thought to find a solution for this. Discussed the matter with everyone I met, at every WhatsApp business groups I am in. And one day, ajmalka from thodupuzha in a whatsapp group named Business Kerala suggested me to approach CIFT, Cochin for studying the technologies in seafood preservation. And after 2 years of trials & testings, the journey ended at launching Foo Foods' Ready-to-fry Kallummakkaya Nirachath. The hilights is it can be stored in normal room temperature upto 12 months. Just need to open, fry and eat it.

That's the story behind Foo Foods. Sharing this story just to tell that, the business idea is a solution for a problem or helping people to meet their desires. Even today, we are working on the same moto.

And today, much happy that, we are fulfilling the cravings of people allover india & in Dubai too, by delivering their favourite Kallummakkaya Nirachath to their kitchens.
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