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Buy Buy - Kallumakkaya Nirachath - 24 packs - Ready to fry

Buy Buy - Kallumakkaya Nirachath - 24 packs - Ready to fry

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The popular tea snack from Kozhikode, made with a traditional Malabar recipe, this snack is prepared by filling specially made rice dough inside green mussels, known as "Kallumakkaya" in malayalam.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Kallumakkaya Nirachath in the comfort of your own home with this convenient and easy-to-use product.

How this product is made?

The dough filled mussel is steamed, marinated, and packed fresh, sealed in a special pouch & then treated with high temperature and pressure to sterilize food decaying bacteria & ensure a safe and long shelf life of 365 days.

Hence, there is no need to refrigerate or freeze and no preservatives or artificial flavors are added in it's preparation. Our recipe is made using only the freshest ingredients.

Just fry and enjoy! 

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